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Baffle bulk liner (Aluminum Foil Composite or PE bulk liner), also called form-fit liner.

Taking advantage of baffle liner can prevent deformation after filling materials and facilitate stacking and transportation. The baffle bulk liner contains body which has filling spout and discharging spout and has the baffle to prevent deformation. The four corners of the body each have a baffle, the two sides of baffle stick to the body on both sides of the corner. There are many leaking holes convenient for materials falling into the corner of the bag.

Baffle bulk liner adopted built baffle in the bag, good effect on preventing deformation.

Loaded bulk liner has good form and smaller space in the container. It is convenient to load much more goods and reduce the logistics cost. 

The main materials of High barrier baffle liner contain: Aluminum Foil/Plastic Laminated, PP/PE Co-extruded, PA/PE Co-extruded, PE/EVOH Co-extruded. The materials have variety and wide range of application.

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