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At present, powder materials of 20kg-50kg are mainly packaged in valve bag, but originally valve bag is only made of paper. With the development of new materials, the standard is rising for loading valve bag. There are several disadvantages for original valve bag, such as limited strength, single function, short quality guarantee period, unsightly appearance, so it cannot meet the requirements for moisture-resistance, sealing standard of new materials.

Valve bag for powder material has overcome the deficiency existing in paper-made valve bag, which has brilliant tightness, high strength, wide application, long quality guarantee period, applicable for a variety of powder materials. It contains bag body and valve port and adopt high strength composite material bag for high strength multilayer co-extrusion PE film bag body or aluminum-plastic composite film bag body while the degassing valve is set on the valve port side. The features include: good sealing performance, wide application and availability for several kinds of powder.

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