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It is composed by flexible inner bag which is made of multi-layer film and sealed leading switch. Liner is made of composite films by using different materials in order to meet the needs of the different liquid packaging. 50 ~ 250l aluminum foil bag, transparent bags, with standard filling mouth can be coded identify and customize the specification.

Characteristics of acid, alkali, Sterile, non-toxic, odorless

Volume higher utilization, better in conjunction with the outer container, collapsible, light quality, ease of storage and transportation, reduce the material cost of storage and transport packaging

Energy saving and environmental protection, ease for recycling, it can be recycled only simply separate inner bag and outer container

Product lifespan near the shelf-life period, longer shelf life, has strong ability to compete

A variety of film material inside the bag and the leading switch makes packaging liquid types and application area greatly expanded

Main materials: Aluminum Foil/Plastic Laminated, PP/PE Co-extruded, PA/PE Co-extruded, PE/EVOH Co-extruded. The materials have various and wide application.

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