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Vacuum electronic package, also called decompressing package, is to vacuumize the packaging containerthen seal and maintain the bag in high state of reduced pressure. Therefore thin air is so equivalent to the hypoxic effect that the microorganisms have no survival conditions so that it can make fruit freshwithout the occurrence of rot. Now it is applied in the plastic bag vacuum packaging, foil packaging, glassware, plastic and its composite material packaging etc. Package material can be chosen according to the kinds of goods. As fruit is fresh food which is ongoing respiration, high degree of hypoxia can cause physiological disorders. Therefore, the fruit has less vacuum packaging.

In order to reduce the oxygen content of the package, to prevent mold rot of packaged food deterioration, to embrace food color, flavor and extend the shelf life.

Vacuum package plays a very important role in the electronics industry, such as moisture and oxidation proof on precision electronic instruments.

Relative to conventional packaging methods, vacuum packaging reduces the space occupied by the articles and has advantages in anti-bacterial, moisture and dust, making it more convenient to transport clothing items.

Greatly reduce the possibility of some unexpected losses.

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