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Anti-static liner has good function for static discharge and conductivity, protecting contents from damage caused by static effectively.

Thickness:25μ200μ 2. Surface resistance reaches 108-109Ω-cm (ohm/cm) 3. Can be customized as requested. 4. Long-acting type, anti-static effective time: more than one year. 5. Can be wiped with water.


Characteristics: brilliant barrier property and thermal sealing property, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture proof, strong mechanical properties, high resistance against blast, puncture and tearing, high and low temperature resistance, oil proof, good retention of aroma, non-toxic and tasteless. After vacuum package, quality guarantee period can be prolonged as well as dustproof, moisture proof, anti-bacteria, etc.


Scope of application: for the vacuum and ordinary package of chemical(intermediate) raw materials, such as silane cross linked polyethylene, nylon, PET, etc; medical(intermediate), food and beverage, high-purity metal, precision mechanism, large equipment and highly sophisticated products for national defense, electronic components and so on.

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