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Circular-bottom bagalso called metal barrel circular-bottom bag, can be used as barrel lining, playing a role in separating material and barrel as well as preventing pollution against the contents. And it manages to improve the recycling rate of barrel, greatly reducing the cost of production and transportation. The circular-bottom bag and barrel are the same in shape, the sealing is quite excellent and contents can be deposited away from air and water for a long timeraising the quality of preservation.


Barrel special lining circular-bottom bag, which contains body and bottomthe shape is same as barrel’s and fit the inside of barrel perfectly, separating the barrel and contents effectively.

When using, first put the bag into barrel, then begin filling; after that, you can adopt rope-tying or heat sealing to seal the round-bottom bag and cover the bung.

Compared with technology under use now, there are more advantages as follows:

The new type of circular-bottom bag is made of specially processed aluminum-plastic composite materials. 7-layer composite structure: PET/AD/AL/AD/PA/AD/PE.AD can be either the polyamine lipid of two-component adhesive or PE, EVA hot melt extruding film agent. The thickness of material is between 100μand 300μ while the specification can be decided by customer’s request. The material owns very high mechanical strength and puncture resistance, soft texture, strong folding resistance and the rate of vapor and oxygen transmission is quite low, as it is much better than ordinary PE plastic bag, preventing barrel from directly contacting contents in transport, lowering the possibility of pollution and increasing the utilizing rate of barrel. Materials of the new round-bottom bag cause no pollution, recyclable and economic.

Advantages of circular-bottom bag made by the size of barrel are shown below:

Tightly attached to barrel side, saving space. More products can be loaded within the same large barrel, thus effectively cutting the transport cost.

Because of the same shape with barrel, the strength from bottom and side of products can match the same parts of barrel completely, which makes edge not easy to rupture, effectively protecting products.

The bag is specially customized, so it can manifest the packaging grade and embody the quality of packaged products.

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