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Adopt 3 or 4 layer composite structure, composite thickness: 90---180u

Pattern: It can be made in any pattern according to customer’s  requirements.

Specification: It can be made in any size according to customer’s  requirements.

Composite strength:>30newton/15mm

Sealing side tensile strength:>60newton/15mm

Application: for the vacuum and ordinary package of chemical(intermediate) raw materials, such as silane cross-linked polyethylene, nylon, PET, etc; medical(intermediate), food and beverage, high-purity metal, precision mechanism, large equipment and highly sophisticated products for national defense, electronic components and so on. There are various kinds with wide range of application.


Advantages: anti-static, vacuum, prevent light and oxygen, waterproof, moisture-proof, prevent volatilization, excellent tensile strength, high heat sealing strength, flexible, high-grade and exquisite package, etc.

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