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High-barrier film is multilayer and co-extruded by high air-resistant materials and polyolefin featuring property of heat sealing and moisture barrier, which can prevent the infiltration of oxygen and other gases caused by microbial breeding, prevent oxidation of contents due to oxygen permeation, avoid outflow of flavor and solvent, and improve the storage of contents. Also, the use of high barrier film can effectively prevent water from coming into bag in order to keep contents dry, without deterioration.

Material: Aluminum Foil/Plastic Laminated, PP/PE Co-extruded, PA/PE Co-extruded, PE/EVOH Co-extruded

Pattern: It can be made in any pattern according to customer’s  requirements.

Specification: It can be made in any size according to customer’s  requirements.

Composite strength:>30newton/15mm

Sealing side tensile strength:>60newton/15mm

Application: for the vacuum and ordinary package of chemical(intermediate) raw materials, such as silane cross-linked polyethylene, nylon, PET, etc; medical(intermediate), food and beverage, high-purity metal, precision mechanism, large equipment and highly sophisticated products for national defense, electronic components and so on.

Advantages: anti-static, vacuum, prevent light and oxygen, waterproof, moisture-proof, prevent volatilization, excellent tensile strength, high heat sealing strength, flexible, high-grade and exquisite package, etc.


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