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Choice of materials:

Aluminum Foil/Plastic Laminated

Aluminum Foil/Plastic Laminated + PE liner

MPET/Plastic Laminated

MPET/Plastic Laminated + PE Liner

Kraft/Aluminum Foil Laminated




PET/ Metalized PET/PE

PE/Metalized PET/PE + PE liner




Applicable for packaging food ingredients/additive, tea/coffee/cocoa powder, food, engineering plastics, resin, chemical raw materials, medicine, colorant, pigment, animal feeds. Aluminum plastic composite bag can guarantee that the humidity is below 40RH and its moisture-proof effect is 80 times of that of ordinary polyethylene as well as excellent protective propertiesoxygen resistance, moisture-proof, puncture resistance, high strength and toughness, one-way or two-way ventilation, resistance against strong ultraviolet and chemical, such as oil, lipa, acidic and alkaline materials. Besides, the size and material of the bag can be ordered in accordance with customer’s needs.

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